Our Existence:

                                            I&N International is an established company with strong tie ups with buyer and supplier ends. With our strong sourcing and marketing bases we have offices in Pakistan, India and China.

                                            We strongly believe that through us our customers feel confident while making purchase plans with the supplier, and we are sure that it will be very much mutually beneficial for both our Suppliers and Buyers in longer run. Our team works closely with optimized efforts and pay close attention to refinements and improvements with diligence. We are doing imports and exports worldwide but our main market is China which comprises about 90% of our import/export business volume.

                                            We deal in 100% Cotton & Blended Yarn and also in Grieg Fabric. Yarn count is from 6/1 up to 120/1 and double.

                                            We Offer Successful Business Handshake:

                                            We strongly believe that our customers feel confident and bestow their trust upon us in our dealing and making fruitful purchase plans with the supplier. We affirm and always aim for a mutually beneficial business deal for both our Buyers and Suppliers in longer run.

                                            Our Mission Statement:

                                             The mission of I&N International is to serve our buyers and suppliers by providing superior opportunities to create win-win situation and establishing long term relationship with each other.

                                            Our Motto:

                                            I&N is the vital link in the supply chain, adding value in efficient and cost-effective service and solutions for our customers and suppliers.